Pick My Brain

A new concept in discussing all things small business...

Have you got a pressing issue that you want some advice on?
Or perhaps you're having trouble identifying your niche or your ideal client?
What about how to make sense of your profit and loss?

When you need a soundboard, some extra advice or a hint in the right direction, you may not want to commit to a long term business coaching package. Sometimes you just want a one-off meeting with someone who's been there before.

If that sounds like you, then a 1 hour Pick My Brain session might be just the thing you need

Best of all - you can pay what you think it's worth after the session. So it's absolutely no risk!

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We provide agency quality graphic design services to a selected number of clients who also engage our strategy services.

On occasion we will do one-off projects
for clients when we have studio time available.

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One-on-one video chats aimed at small business owner-operators who need help with a single issue or concern.

We meet on video chat, have a chat and see if we can come up with a solution together that you can work on.



1/2 day workshops to help determine how to move forward in a specific area of business, specially designed for small business owners who don't have a larger agency on hand.

Plain english, no jargon and a clear path forward are just the some of the outcomes you can expect.

Higher Quality than a Freelancer,
Better Value than an Agency


Since 2004, Clear Identity has prided ourselves on the high level of graphic design services we provide each and every one of our clients - no matter how large or small.

We believe that graphic design is more than just "pretty pictures" - every project requires thought and a thorough understanding of the client, the business and an eye to the outcomes that need to be achieve. That's what makes us different.

We get business.

And that means we know exactly how to design marketing materials that work. 


Sometimes you need to do it on a white board


Whether you want to work out an entire year marketing strategy, plan a product launch, drill down and really nail your ideal client, or work out your financial forecast and position, sometimes getting together with a whiteboard, markers and an open mind is the best way to come up with a plan of attack.

That's why we bring agency quality strategy to small business owners.
Because you deserve to get that kind of service!